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Encompass Nutrition

Abby Olson RD, LD Welcome to Encompass Nutrition!

Abby Olson RD, LD Welcome to Encompass Nutrition!

Abby Olson RD, LD Welcome to Encompass Nutrition!Abby Olson RD, LD Welcome to Encompass Nutrition!Abby Olson RD, LD Welcome to Encompass Nutrition!

Mindfully Encompass Nutrition into your Life!

Specializing in the support of clients working through recovery of eating disorders and disordered eating.  

Including a focus on how to take care and restore gut function for better overall physical and mental health.

Build a balanced relationship with food

Re-connect with your body's nutritional needs 

Nourish your body to it's fullest


​​​My Philosophy:

I believe that nutrition encompasses all areas of health.  What we eat and how we approach food can provide our bodies, minds and spirit with a balanced way of life.  Food is nourishing and purposeful, but also enjoyable and fun.  When our relationships with food become emotional, disconnected, or physically challenging, we need to find our way back to balancing the power of food and it's role in our lives.


My Experience:

  • 24 years practicing as a licensed dietitian
  • 12 years of mindfulness based eating and eating disorders practice
  • Strong clinical background in Nutrition and Dietetics from Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  • Public Health focus while a Peace Corps volunteer 
  • Research and Training Specialist at the University of Minnesota
  • Nutrition coach for sports nutrition, wellness and weight management


About Me:

I am a mother of 4 energetic children that keep me busy all day!  I enjoy running, biking, hiking, gardening, cooking, and spending time with my family.  

My personal history with finding a connected relationship with food is what sparked my passion to combine my interests of nutrition, behavioral health and gut health.  Because of my journey, I am able to see how important balanced nutrition is to every day life including a healthy and functioning gut, mood management, energy levels and overall enjoyment of food.  

Care focus:


Focused Care includes:

  • Mindful Eating
  • Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
  • Nutrition for Health and Wellness
  • Gut health including SIBO, SIFO, IBS
  • Mental health and Nutrition


Importance of Nutrition and Mindfulness

The focus of my practice is to promote and educate on how to find the right nutrition for our bodies that can improve the way we feel in our every day lives.  Disordered eating is emotionally and physically exhausting.  My roll is to help support you in your recovery walk, so that you may find your way back to a balanced relationship with food.


Separating Fact from Fiction:

 Part of a role of being a Registered Dietitian is to assist others in separating fact from fiction.  There are ever changing nutrition guidelines and it is exhausting trying to keep up with them all.  I am here to help you sort out what is legitimate and what may work for you. 



Initial consult and Evaluation:

Individuals join me for a thorough assessment, background, and dietary intake.  We discuss your relationship with food, and discuss what you are hoping to get from our time together.  I will focus my time on you, the individual, to identify and prioritize the steps to take in order to assist you in meeting your nutrition goals , and follow up with an appropriate plan of care. 

Nutrition Counseling and ongoing appointments:​

Ongoing follow-up sessions with me will include review of goals, identifying areas for change, and providing continuing support, and education using a variety of behavioral therapy practices that make the most sense for your needs.  My approach is to be compassionate and encouraging, as well as firm with accountability, in order to motivate, and provide opportunities to develop strategies that focus on your personal needs.  Ongoing monitoring of your progress, physically and emotionally, will prompt any recommendations or other interventions as needed.


Next Steps:

  • Contact me through my website, email or phone number or facebook page.
  • ​We will hold a 15 minute phone consult to discuss your questions and needs and to discuss how I might best support you.
  • Schedule an appointment at my office, OR contact me for a seminar or presentation request

  • I currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance
  • Out of Pocket fees for service will be discussed following our initial conversation
  • ​If you are a client that is working through recovery of an eating disorder and I am not able to take your insurance, a sliding scale fee may be discussed

Get in touch:

Send me a message:

Abby Olson RD, LD

Encompass Nutrition LLC

Crossroads Commerce Center 680 Commerce Drive Suite 260 Woodbury MN 55125

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My office hours are Monday through Thursday.

Client sessions available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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